segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

Morning sunset

Peninha - Serra de Sintra

"Woke this morning
Seeing the sunset
Light fading away
What a strange beginning

Being told it was day
But only seeing darkness
Not understanding it all
Confusion settling in

Dwelling in the night
While others enjoyed light
Trying to walk forwards
Stumbling on unseen obstacles

Feeling the wolves stalking
Howling all around him
Biting hard into the flesh
Making deep bloody wounds

Falling to the ground
Awaiting the last breath
Engulfed by a sudden clarity
Thinks it’s the end

Warmth starts increasing
With the first rays of light
Turns his face to watch
The king on the eastern throne

Receiving his divine powers
Filling him with energy
Rising from the ashes
Like a newborn phoenix."

Morning Sunset, 21-05-2010 - João Paulo Alves

Obrigada João.
Contigo perdi o medo e aprendi a falar com o coração.
Ficarei sempre com a imagem do teu sorriso sincero, com a memória dos teus abraços únicos e da tua paz.

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